Publishing News: Read my essay in Northwestern magazine

Lisa and Qu'AmereMy essay, Trust Yourself,” appears in the fall 2015 issue of Northwestern, the alumni magazine of Northwestern University. It’s about my friendship years ago, with one of my first grade Sunday School students. Since that period of time, that student, Qu’Amere, has done quite well. He’s now an adult. He graduated from college this year and has become a preschool teacher. We stay in contact. When I was back in my hometown, Bridgeport, Connecticut, over the Christmas holiday, he stopped in to say hello.

One thought on “Publishing News: Read my essay in Northwestern magazine

  1. Lisa, I saw your article in the Northwestern magazine. As an alum, I’m proud to hear stories like this–“success” not in the corporate boardroom but in the neighborhood. As a pastor, I’m thrilled, and I hope you can grant me permission to use the story with my congregation. I’m intrigued whether you’ve already written more on experiences in the church or considered writing other items like this.

    Pastor Ben Squires (R/TV/F 1995)
    Bethel Lutheran Church, Gurnee, IL

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