untitled“Processing  ‘Go Back To Where You Came From’ When Where You Came From Is Here.”
I was a painfully shy child growing up in Connecticut in the late 1960s. I preferred sitting with my mother as she watched her afternoon soal operas to going outside to play.

The Sun magazine essay on “doors.”

The Sun Magazine LogoAfter moving to a different state to start a job, I began taking my car to a new auto shop. Every time I dropped it off for service, I got a ride to work in the shop’s van.  The Sun Magazine.


“Short Distance Romance” Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Dating Game

Chicken Soup CoverI was single and in my early forties. I’d been living in Boston for several years after leaving a career that allowed little time for dating. Building a social life was difficult. The few dates I went on were draining. “Why do you read so much,” and, “Why are you so quiet?” were typical questions men asked me.


“A LITERARY ROMANCE” Foliate Oak Literary Journal

Bands interlockingNot long after I became engaged, my fiancé and I began discussing plans for our future: where we would live, how we would set up our bank accounts, whether we’d rent a house for a while or purchase one, the type of wedding ceremony we’d have considering that we were a “mature” couple. Toward the end of one of those conversations it occurred to me that there was another important matter we needed to address. Read more



2 Responses to Essays

  1. Beth (Davis) Cox says:

    Lisa, you are a very gifted writer!

  2. Ml says:

    Lisa, I have enjoyed reding your short stories and your novel.

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